Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Compiling Alembic for Maya2012 under OpenSuse 11.2

I done compiling the Alembic_1.0_2011080800 rev. with some changes in system.

!!! Warning. After installing working version of hdf5 was rewriting some libs like libz.a. Any programms call this lib may be finished with errors.  I think it is a good reason for backup.
It is does impossible load Houdini “hou” module in Maya python or Idle editor.  I could repair this functionality and finally I will write how-to.
1. So, in first we are doing changes  in system:  
1.1. Install make2.8
1.2. Install boost_1_42_0 from /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/
1.3. Install hdfs5. This one from official repositories does not work. I try dozen of hdf5 revisions but only hdf5-1.8.5-linux-x86_64-static-fpic I found passed for compiling Alembic.  It available on http://www.hdfgroup.org/ftp/HDF5/prev-releases/hdf5-1.8.5/bin/linux-x86_64/hdf5-1.8.5-linux-x86_64-static-fpic.tar.gz. Unzip and install. One note about this package - that is, contain the critical libz.a.
1.4. Please check OpenExr libs. Usually  ilmbase include in official Suse reositories.

2.  Prepare Alembic instalation.
2.1. In ./Alembic_1.0_2011080800/build/AlembicMaya.cmake please add string
SET( MAYA_ROOT "/usr/autodesk/maya2010-x64" ).
2.2. In directory ./Alembic_1.0_2011080800/build/bootstrap run “alembic_bootstrap.py” configurator. I was agree with default path for alembic build dir  -  “alembic_build”. After I was enter requested path for to configure build.  It is was:

3. Installation.
3.1 In “alembic_build” dir write “make” and enter. I hope your installation will be successful.
3.2. After that you can find compiled plugins in .../alembic_build/maya/AbcExport  and ./alembic_build/maya/AbcImport dirs.
Good luck!

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